Is necessary Ablutions For Repentance?

On the first page of a national newspaper has been writing a column, “village common faith, repentance is taught to accelerate the patient’s death. Munshi was brought to repentance for teaching. Safia Bibi said, do not go! I’m not in repentance. If you need to perform repentance. Sailye can not touch the water, will perform sometime.
Safia Bibi, maybe fear crept in, repentance means death. He did not want to die ….
The concept is mentioned in the column of the quote. One. Repentance is to accelerate the death of the patient. It is totally baseless idea. This section has been written about this before. The writing was told that repentance does not mean the end of life; Rather, the meaning of repentance gonahamukta gain a new life.
Two. Ablutions required for repentance. It is also a misconception.
Three. To repent is not himself; Rather, it is to call for Munshi. This is a mistake because of ignorance and jahalata original ideas. What if you know what to repent of these things are not unfounded. Here are some talking about repentance.
This means that repentance from sin to obey God from the heart to come back and beg His forgiveness. Repent and return to God.
When the sin is the slave of his duties, to turn to God-neither. God’s truth is related crime hakkullaha or four will do. If you have full repentance. 1. To give up sin. II. Be ashamed and repentant. 3. This type of crime is determined to do in the future. 4. Matters without any obligatory-obligatory according ran up-to expiation.
And if the crime hakkula ibada or servant of the truth, then one would have to work more. The realization of the rights of the rights that have been broken or that ksamagrahana be exempt. Thus, the tears of repentance before God and cry for what I have done to repent name.
Ronajari be to Allah, and ask forgiveness in your own words. Hadith as they fall to repent-repent-istigapharera have duagulo that is neither.
This brief discussion is understood that the words, it’s the –
One. His duty is to repent, that is sin. Himself for his own sins to repent and apologize to God. Although the righteous servants of Allah from any istigapharera repent-repent without the knowledge of words to say to her, but it is not necessary for repentance. Therefore, it can not repent, will be done by anyone, not just the idea. Only one of the conditions specified in the field does not repent so that repentance is not enough to pronounce the words of repentance. The constant practice of the believers to repent of life. Allah’s Apostle innocent to seven hundred times a day, despite being neither a tradition that has been used.
Two. Could also understand that repentance is essential for ablutions. However, if someone wants to pay down Salaat repentance or repentance, prayer and then the other as he will have to perform. The Prophet has said: if anyone does sin then purifies himself full stand up to prayer and ask God to forgive their sins, then Allah will forgive his sins. Then the Prophet recited verses of the Quran, (rendering), and they are the people who never had a bad thing or wronged themselves with themselves, remember Allah and ask forgiveness for sins. Who other than God, that can forgive sins? On them, and they know their actions are firm .’- Al Alaimarana: 135; Jami ‘Tirmidhi, Hadith: 3006; Sunan Abu Dawood, Hadith: 1521; Sunan Ibn Majah, Hadith: 1395
However, it is common for repentance necessary ablutions.
So think taobake death, repentance is not without ablutions, or some other such co-operation is essential to the concept of false and baseless. If you know what repentance in the hope that the misunderstanding will not occur.