Trying to understand the Qur’an: Some rules

Hiphazye Quran, the Quran is an important right. Each one is memorized as much as possible, children and people of all classes of society in the midst of corporal and hiphaye be memorized the Quran and the circulation system of the most important truth of the Qur’an.
The urge to learn the Quran and the Hadith teach his companions over the period that the first verse to memorize repeatedly heard that he had taught him the meaning and provisions.
Now the number is not less than Hafiz in our midst; Yet the comparison can be seen, most of the people deprived of the blessings of the Quran hiphaye. Of the three basic reasons: first, because of the lack of faith and love Mahabbat kamayori and the Qur’an. The second reason is that this is the wrong idea, Hafiz working children. So if a child if the parents just Hafiz hiphayakhanaya be admitted; Can not be otherwise. The third reason that this misconception, Hafiz Quran is full of art, or merely to recite that prayer is barely. There is no middle churata !!
There is no age actually memorized. People of any age can hiphaye its intentions and gradually go full hafiz of the Quran. I memorized the whole Qur’an is not possible, but should not be satisfied with just the amount of prayer; To the believer to be memorized as much as possible, rather than Shan and good luck. He claimed that this faith, each believing that their family policy, we do not accept pesai livelihood in later life that will be the foundation of our beginning and alakuraana. Faith and only after learning the Quran, we will provide you with the education of our children, or else we will engage in any other profession. One of our friends (brother Salim Sahib) told me, a Sudanese man named Abdur Rahman tour of Hajj 1428 AH met who was an engineer and eyaronetikyala working in Riyadh. He said, “For long centuries of tradition in our family, and that’s why we do not accept that the education may not engage in pesatei why the Qur’an is our haphiye. So everyone in our family, and that he should pesatei country in the world to be employed, haphiye the Quran. ”
There are precedents in our country. Shaykh al-Hadith Maulana Azizul Haque Fultoli Damat barakatuhumera Prophet (Allah bless him chihahata and aphiyata) and MashaAllah their children and grandchildren, all Hafiz Quran haphiye new generation has to be essential for khanadanera. Allah us grace to follow these people in the Arab and Ajmer. The Quran is the mark we hiphaye family identity. Ameen!
Hiphaye Quran ‘Mean sihahila ahadisila kichara “(hadith light) has been discussed in detail the role. Readers can read the alocanatio.
I’m just trying to understand the Qur’an and its regulations would like to request to speak briefly about.
Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi Rah. Surah An-Nisa (4) 8 verse talks writes, “Every man must ponder its meaning, and the meaning of the Qur’an about the claim. So it is not correct to think that the verses of the Qur’an, Imam and Mujtahid just thought (or big Alim) work. However, the level of knowledge and wisdom, as there are different degrees bhabanarao thoughts. …
But when the people will own language translation or explanation of the Quran and ponder in their hearts the love of Allah and the Hereafter mahatma and to create intrigue and worry. And this is the key to all success. However, to avoid misunderstanding and confusion in the general public, and read a little bit of an Alim. If no authentic commentary will not get a chance to read the book, and wherever there is no doubt his knowledge and understanding of the questions not answered by your wise help Alim maariphula nibe-Quran 2488
Some Buzurg think that, without the knowledge of the affairs of the Arabic language and religion, the primary translation of the Quran to read, because it is harmful and should be avoided. To them the reason. At present the circulation of the text rendering, but think about the Quran, and the Quran is called a lesson from the special interest he can not be seen. Its meaning can be seen in a lot of effort to achieve glory, but in some cases there is a tendency to become engaged in the study of law rules. Needless to say, instead of understanding the Qur’an is open to misunderstandings and confusion.
Because of this error has discouraged those Buzurg. Therefore, they should not get me wrong idea; But Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali thanabhi arah hakimula nation. (1280 AH hi-1362.) – According to the sudharana is important to keep them.
Arah hakimula nation. “The losses than profits in that direction, if the law is strong on the principles of ‘self and what to do” is not the main task has been banned. On the contrary, the ‘desirable and what to do, then the task is not prohibited, aspects of damages is closed. Therefore, those who tried to prevent the impression that the principles presented are advised that they should not allow instruction-reading, however, would likely be protected from harm .’- fatwas imdadul 4/84
In short, some people are going to read the Quran-rendering rules do not protect the victims and the error is not expedient to prohibit efforts to understand the Quran.
Ahlu Sunnah wal Jama’ah scholars are wise and faithful translation or explanation in writing in different languages

The thanabhi rah. More wrote, “Likewise (educated older individuals) without teacher studied translation or explanation for them is much wise counsel Alim. However, they suggested that qualified teachers are not available, will acquire the necessary knowledge of the religion, in order to develop contacts with the contents of the Quran. During the study, there was little doubt that this will be the place to myself I do not think any wise solution Alim met him nibe-imdadul fatwas B: 4, pages: 79-85
Indeed, the Qur’an, and Allah made it easy to learn, but this does not mean that the teacher is not required. Allah has made it easier than the words of the Quran money. Still learning to recite the memorized sound-pure teacher is required to do? What does it mean to deny the vacation may require learning teacher?
4. Taphasirabhittika indirect relationship with the Qur’an, and not just translation, but the relationship and try to craft. The first reading of the way. With daily tarteel and with a significant amount of money if you know tarteel and tadababurera to be recited. The second way is that, at least try to learn the language of the Qur’an, the verses to understand the meaning of a word with the contents of a sentence, what does it mean and what they understand. If you are at least hope that relations with the Quran Reciting every taste will be doubled, and listen to recite the prayer, the priest would take the joy and sweetness of the Holy Quran will be felt much more than before. This initial knowledge of the Quran for every Misbah Hazrat Maulana Abu Taher barakatuhumera Damat “atatbarika ilala arabiyya ‘(Come learn Arabic), three volumes of hope that will be enough. With the ‘Book atatamarinula tbarika ilala arabiyya alata’ can be finished with practice, then growled. His book, “Muhammad atatbarika ilala kuraanila ‘(Come and learn the Quran) and take a lesson.
The professor hamidura Rahman Fultoli Damat barakatuhumao its language learning at an early attempt to continue for a long time. BUET baitusa Salam mosque on Tuesday to drop his darasa is Isaiah. Alhamdulillah by the much phayeda.
The professor warned that the Fultoli all the time, it’s an early labor. Its primary objective is just the meaning of words-knowledge, in order to minimize the linguistic distance. It did not have the opportunity to learn at least enough that we learn the Arabic language, and I thought this is not the slightest room for that, God forbid, we got taphasirula its best !!!
This awareness is very important. Some acquaintance with the language of the Qur’an or a translation of the Holy Quran and the identity of those seeking to acquire a basic knowledge of the Arabic language, that they should keep in mind all the time. If it were otherwise and the creation of ujaba and proud to know that this little one becomes a victim of self-forgetfulness, and loss if the only loss!
If any of the above cases, rendering the Qur’an, in words that have been translated into English or Bengali or lisanula any book about the Quran, and the Quran lugatula support can be taken. But of course, any wise granthanirbacane should consult Alim. Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Taqi uchamani The ustade muhatarama Damat barakatuhumera duty to remember the words, which he alabalage monthly (Muharram 1392 AH.) Lugatula Quran subject to any discussion on the book written. . However, keep in mind that, just trying to understand the language of the Quran, the index will be beneficial to the extent that the purpose of taking the advice of its general affairs and contacts. Some people simply on the basis of language and beliefs regarding the affairs of its rules and regulations ‘Ijtihad’ began. It is extremely risky, as work on the one hand and on the other hand argued against inasapherao. All of the Quran and Hadith to talk about this kind of knowledge, and be fluent in written. Only the judge can not be lugatera. The kid ourselves ahead of this issue from the book Benefit hope phayedai phayeda .”- tabasere p. 40
5. Finally, it’s the thing I want to request that the Qur’an good deeds mean a lot to learn. So it will be only for the sake of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet tarikaya. That is also the sincerity and ihatisaba and Sunnah will be shown and ittebaye. We have to try more, to take a page from the book of the Qur’an, as well as to receive from the page, as it was the era of the Companions tabeyinera. With the light of the knowledge of the faith and deeds will be done by noor.
The tradition of the Prophet in front of us want to be
من طلب العلم ليجاري به العلماء, وليماري به السفهاء أو يصرف به وجوه الناس إليه أدخله الله النار.
“With that scholars (alim name) to be proud of, or to engage in debate with jahiladera or to attract people’s attention towards seeking knowledge, Allah will admit him .’- Fire Jami Tirmidhi, Hadith: 2654
I am the light of this tradition, a few days ago, a friend told ‘Cause belayeta’ from a book called showed. Discussion of the book are exactly up:

Special Precautions
We usually do not get time to do much work for the Book of Allah. There is so much interest. But if anyone in favor of that, but the devil tries to hit him in another way. Satan entered into him as arrogant. If he thinks that he is a wise man, and he knows better Islam than many others in society, the scholars do not understand the Quran, Islam alimarai was destroyed and so on.
The next chapter, we will see all sorts of evil and destruction of solid Pride. In the worst sense of pride or arrogance of righteousness. In fact, other believers to worship and servitude to God was the Quran purely for himself. God expects believers to read the Qur’an mercy and reward. His knowledge of the Qur’an to correct those mistakes in his own life to lead. Is another reason to look at the origin of pride. Faith never catch the mistakes of others, or to compare himself with others does not worship. It would seem that when I was an ordinary educated people read it, read kayekakhana commentary, but it did not do so Alim or tamukera person, or society, the scholars do not read the Quran … etc then need to realize that the power of Satan to destroy the believer making so much suffering has been appointed. If you live to be careful. Other people make mistakes thinking, comparing yourself with others truly have to give up. We must pray to God that the recitation of God, practice, worship and observance accepted and upheld until the death of this blessing.
Another expressed the pride that God himself taophike few days after the study of the Quran and Islamic scholar considered to provide Matters or the fatwa. Hereafter, and Allah made the Qur’an’s culture to continue to be used. He must manage his own life, according to. On fatwa scholars give up responsibility. We need to realize that every Muslim to read the Quran, to learn and practice for himself. However, not every Muslim will Alim expert. God save us from the deception of Satan Lash.
Rahe Belayet, he said. Dr Abdullah Jahangir. PhD (Riyadh), MA (Riyadh), M (III), professor, alahadisa and Islamic Studies, Islamic University, Kushtia. Page: 172173
The end of another petition said. And the merits of the importance and dignity of the blessings recited before and after reading an article that was written by one of our brothers in religion in general educated Mr. Salim said to me, ‘You wrote very important. Many of us do not have the English-educated brother recited the importance of clean, meaning they are first and foremost think bojhakei. “He added,” would be acceptable only if its carrying amount, then why is it so hard for people to hiphaye the Quran? “He said, 1975 event. Russia was one of our friends. Islam strictly prohibits the practice of the time was preaching. The friend accidentally met with a man who is an ordinary man who was a hafiz of the Quran. At the time, countries such as Russia, asked him how he memorized the Quran, he said, I worked with a tailor. He was a Hafiz. I listened to the ten verses from the daily and had to memorize. The grace of God has memorized the whole Qur’an. But I’m sorry! Life came to an end, I was lucky to see one of the jilada Qur’an. “Our friend was the Quran, a jilada. He gave the gift. Jar Jar haphiye when the Quran was jiladatite wept and repeated the Quran and began to kiss! ”
Brother, Salim said, “If the light of the Qur’an and the blessed word and sentence had not memorized it would not have moved so much for the human heart, especially for those who never had the chance to learn the meaning of the Quran and reciting memorized and would not be sacrificed for the Tahajjud recite long standing could not. So this is the man of the layayata and joy that night last night or read the word of God, standing in court. Only he and his Mawla nirjanataya Nights deep asleep! Banda said, Maula hear! Mawla private company will open the door of the man’s heart. ”
He added, “This analogy taste and layayata evidence, the Quran is not a creature of God, and the Word of His Sifat. There are numerous creations of God on earth, but there is nowhere so much flavor, so layayata. ”
This is the spontaneous expression of a naive servant of Allah, the English-educated, but a polite and civil man, and hope that the so-called intellectuals acharamukta ulula alababera (knowing) included.
Give us the grace of Allah, and to understand their position in all spheres of life, manners and etiquette in order to protect grace. Amin.
Hey Allah! I am your servant, your servant, and the son of your slave. I apadamastaka in your hinge. I always effective your command. I have just completed your judgment. You described yourself as that, or he has revealed in the book, or a creature you prove to yourself and to keep informed or given the name of the application you’re usilaya I Quran majidake animation of my heart, light in my eyes, my sorrow nibaraka make my peresani biduraka-Allahumma Ameen! Chumma Amin.

وصلى الله تعالى وسلم على سيدنا ومولانا محمد خاتم النبيين وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين, والحمد لله رب العالمين.

By Maulana Muhammad Abdul Malek