Who are the terrorists? Who are the extremists?

It was so many things to make us extremists, but we are madhyapanthii, will madhyapanthii. Because, we the people, who “has been ummatuna oyasatuna-moderate nation. Their beliefs, worship deeds, thoughts, culture and politics of moderation in everything ever existed. They are not like the pagans bahyapujari, not only as a world-averse bairagyabadidera. Do not like the prophets asammanakari Jews, Christians do not like the prophet, who found the son of God.
They are not the only solution to the war-bigrahake think of all disputes, arrows and guns do not feel untouchable. The world does not take precedence over religion, not religion, is the complete elimination of the world. I have been teaching them balance and modesty. As in every age, and education policies they have adopted.
Muslims progress-progress, prosperity and even the era of the conquest, the period of their decline, decline, defeat, to move away from the era of Islamic ideology and religious knowledge is called; You will not see the oppression of the period, which is a sign of the West’s identity; Row is not dead, nor piles of skulls, or hermitage, and the disrespect of the holy scriptures, the prophets not only contempt. And for a change of religion, stressed-wrong. But above all things, to the Muslims towards extremism has been with them.
Ten times more powerful than a dog on a cat attack, the cat difficult to survive the weak contain images, which need to be made to defend himself. So it can not be said of his extremism, and extremism. Carapanthi that he has wronged you in weakness, through the intervention of evil makes them up, their children will be picked up, their own land, and violations of women’s honor-abru made them into refugees.
If you like cats, and their children’s right to protect itself weakened the pranirao if the Muslims do not have the right to self-defense? This is why they will be called to extremism and extremism?
They are extremists, who are Muslims, unjustly occupied by the sea. Those who are looting mineral resources of Muslim lands.
They are extremists, who are stranded in camps, forbidden to Palestinians dead and has forced animals to eat meat. Palestinians who have lost homestead. Steam roller carried out torture in prison.
I will tell them extremists, whose illegal economic siege of the 1.5 million Iraqi children died of hunger and struggling in the absence of treatment. Fire whose fuel is still burning in Basra and Kufa, Karbala and Baghdad.
Thousands of tons of chemical weapons lying on the ground in Iraq who bombed the earth; Iraq has copper green land.
The Iraqi people will be freed from the bondage of Saddam and irakabasike democracy ‘niamate’ to the right of the root of the drama. In the name of freedom and slavery, which was in favor of the warrant punishment.
They are terrorists, excuse a person who has messed up the whole of Afghanistan, and Afghanistan is the hinge to aphaganidera acted worse than the sheep-sheep. The brutal torture. They filled container has heated up in the desert; Land, where more than a hot pan, heat, sun, rain jharaya the fire. Israel captured the heat of Adam shouted gaganabidari heated container, and the thirst wince. Tarapate tarapate was dying; But mayalumera heart cries a little galeni terrorists.
They are extremists, who are Muslim countries with the analogy of a dog, and they have insulted the religion of the book. The national ‘heritage’. Because, in such derogatory and provocative acts are not the first. Instead, they have many times in the incident and is causing. Even the Muslim Mujahideen, whom they were to take up all the people, rather than their own lives bhalobase has cursed him. Salahuddain aiyubira never as great as the hero Mujahid abuse.
Mushaf of Jewish soldiers to put her feet on the wounded heart of the Muslim prisoners nauyu billaha mayaluma baleche digit yours Lord, if you want to save yours!
Jews and Christians have tried various ways to push us toward extremism. But the way she refused to Muslims. Jews and Christians have suffered from thirst ksut we are not children; Forced to eat dead animals have their youth. They have not respected personalities abuse; I do not have contempt for their religion-book.
Because, whether the spectrum is the urge to run. They know there are proper knowledge of Islam, Jihad in Islam in order to prevent terrorists and extremists is also provision moderation.
Inshallah, we will continue the hunger moderate.

By: Maulana Muhammad Aslam sekhupuri